Sierra Nevada Brewing Cos Oktoberfest

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co's Oktoberfest

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co's Oktoberfest

Category - Beer, US, 6% abv

Available - From August

Location - US only, nation-wide

Price - SRP of US$8.99 per six-pack

Sierra Nevada has partnered with German brewery Brauhaus Riegele to create its first Oktoberfest seasonal beer. The US company plans to collaborate with a different German brewery every year.

The two breweries are also collaborating on a separate barrel-aged beer to be brewed and aged on site at Brauhaus Riegele’s traditional Bavarian sudhaus (mash house).

Earlier this year, Sierra Nevada withdrew its plan to register the brand name 'Bock Ness Monster', to avoid a legal row with Monster Beverage Corp.