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Proximo Spirits’ Three Olives 'Elvis Presley' Coconut Water Flavored Vodka 

Category - Spirits, vodka, flavoured, 30% abv 

Available - From next month 

Location - US, nation-wide 

Price - US$21 per 750ml bottle 

Proximo Spirits is launching a new dead icon-themed flavoured vodka under its "premium" label Three Olives.  

Three Olives 'Elvis Presley' Coconut Water Flavored Vodka, with an abv of 30%, is a nod to what Proximo calls the late singer’s “love affair with Hawaii”. The product, launching next month, contains quadruple-distilled imported vodka from England with the “tropical taste of coconut water,” the company said. 

Last March, Proximo teamed up with the estate of Marilyn Monroe to launch a strawberry-flavoured variant of Three Olives

New Jersey-based Proximo is owned by Mexico's Beckmann family, who also own the Jose Cuervo Tequila brand. 
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Three Olives® Vodka Honors 'The King of Rock and Roll' With the Launch Of 'Elvis Presley(TM)' Coconut Water Flavored Vodka

One of the U.S.'s Fastest Growing, Imported Vodka Brands Pays Tribute to Elvis Presley's Love Affair with Hawaii, His Legendary Style and Unforgettable Performances

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Feb. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In honor of Elvis Presley's long-standing love affair with Hawaii, Three Olives, a super-premium vodka brand, introduced today its first-ever coconut water flavored vodka. The new flavor offers fans a chance to pay tribute to the King of Rock and Roll's supreme talent, charisma and good humor that endeared him to millions worldwide. Combining delicious, imported vodka from England with the tropical taste of coconut water, the new flavor is both refreshing and unique.

American singer, musician and actor known the world over by his first name, Elvis is regarded as one of the most influential figures of twentieth century pop culture. From his first visit in 1957 to his final vacation in 1977, he travelled to the Islands of Hawaii on numerous occasions to make movies and perform live musical shows. Featuring white sandy beaches, surfing and beautiful sunsets, Elvis instantly fell in love with the beauty of these tropical islands, as well as the hospitality of the people of Hawaii.

"Fans of Elvis Presley know how much his 'Hawaii' years molded him into the superstar icon he is today," said a spokesperson for Proximo Spirits, the brand's owner. "More relevant today than ever before, Elvis left a legacy that continues to excite fans all over the world. We are excited to join other industry trades and brands to honor this superstar icon with a flavor that celebrates his absolute love of Hawaii. Three Olives Vodka's new 'Elvis Presley(TM)' Coconut Water Flavored Vodka is a perfect addition to our brand's existing premium vodka flavor portfolio."

Three Olives 'Elvis Presley(TM)' Coconut Water Flavored Vodka will be introduced in March 2014, with nationwide distribution available in all sizes and priced at $21 per 750 ml. In addition to 'Elvis Presley(TM)' Coconut Water Flavored Vodka, the Three Olives Vodka portfolio currently includes a variety of more than 22 flavors. For more information, visit

Quadruple distilled from English Winter Wheat, Three Olives Vodka delivers an exceptionally smooth, superior tasting vodka perfect for the ultimate martini or cocktail.

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