Black Tie is out this month

Black Tie is out this month

Pernod Ricard's Martell Noblige Black Tie

Category - Spirits, Cognac, 40% abv

Available - From 28 November

Location - China and South-East Asia

Price - Same price as Noblige

Pernod Ricard is to launch a new Martell Noblige expression that aims to widen the brand's footprint out of China and into the rest of Asia.

Martell Noblige Black Tie, due to be launched this week, was created in partnership with Taiwanese-Canadian fashion designer Jason Wu. It is a limited-edition intended for release in China and markets in South-East Asia and will launch in Shanghai on 28 November.

Philippe Guettat, the head of Pernod's Martell division, told just-drinks the expression is for “new consumers in Asia, not only in China but in South-East Asia as well”. Black Tie will also be released into Asian Travel Retail.

Noblige, which is positioned just above the VSOP Cognac category and sold primarily in China, enjoyed improving demand in Pernod's first-quarter results last month. Cognac has been hit in China by anti-extravagance measures aimed at combating corruption, however Guettat said consumer demands are changing because of the crackdown.

“It's a beginning of an era of a new type of luxury,” he said. “Each brand has to be able to answer better the new needs of the new generation of the Chinese middle class and to create imagery that appeals to consumers.”