There are four flavours in Mamma Chias new range

There are four flavours in Mamma Chia's new range

Mamma Chia's Organic Chia & Greens

Category - Juice, vegetable

Available - From August

Location - US, nation-wide; retailers including Safeway and Whole Foods Markets

Price - SRP of US$2.99 per bottle

Mamma Chia has added a new range to its RTD chia-based juices that uses a selection of green vegetables.

Mamma Chia Organic Chia & Greens is made up of four flavours - Soulful Greens (Cayenne and Lemon), Love Greens (Beet and Ginger), Grateful Greens (Kale and Mint) and Joyful Greens (Ginger and Lemongrass). All flavours include chia, a type of seed that Mamma Chia claims is rich in nutrients.

A Canadean report in July said that global sales of mixed flavour, HPP (high-pressure processed) and cold-press juice products are increasing in an otherwise declining juice market.