The beers contain CBD

The beers contain CBD

Dude's Brews' Canna-Beer Series

Category - Beer, cannabis-infused, 5% and 10% abv

Available - From this Autumn

Location - US, Colorado

Price - TBC

Colorado brewery Dude's Brews is to release what it claims are the first craft beers to contain high levels of cannabis extract cannabidiol (CBD).

The Canna-Beer Series initially consists of two beers - Sativa IPA (5% abv) and Indica Double IPA (10% abv). The beers contain no THC, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana's psychological effects, but instead are “heavily dosed” with CBD. Dude's Brews said CBD is known for its non-psychoactive health benefits, including stress relief.

"It's the final word in Colorado-style session IPAs," said Dude's Brews head brewer Brian Connery of the new range. "It not only smells like the good stuff, but it has it in there, too.”

A number of US states including Colorado have legalised cannabis but US federal law still prohibits THC from being in beer.