BrewDogs PumpkinHead launched today

BrewDog's PumpkinHead launched today

BrewDog's Pumpkin Head 

Category - Beer, pumpkin-flavoured ale, 5.1% abv 

Available - From today 

Location - UK, from and in BrewDog bars

Price - GBP2.20 (US$3.52)

BrewDog, the Scottish craft brewer, has launched a small-batch pumpkin-flavoured ale in a nod to the popularity of the style in the US. 

PumpkinHead will be available from the company's UK bars and via its website. The beer contains Nugget, Willamette and First Gold hops.

"Pumpkin beers are quite popular in the US and something that hasn't been fully explored in the UK," said a spokesperson for the company.

Last month, the brewer launched a pilsner lager, This.Is.Lager.