Bacardis Single Cane Estate rums

Bacardi's Single Cane Estate rums

Bacardi Single Cane Estate rums

Category - Spirits, rum, 40% abv

Available - 1 July 2015

Location - Global Travel Retail

Price - Consuelo Estate SRP of EUR27.90 (US$31.20); Worthy Park Estate SRP of EUR29.90 per one-litre bottle

Bacardi has launched a range of Single Cane Estate rums, describing them as the "new single malt" of the category.

The premium-aged rums come from "exceptional" sugar cane estates across the Americas and are initially available in Heinemann airport stores in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Oslo, Copenhagen, Istanbul and Riga, Bacardi said. The range kicks off with two rums: Worthy Park Estate from Jamaica and Consuelo Estate from the Dominican Republic.

Worthy Park Estate is described as a small-batch amber rum produced from cane sourced from Jamaica’s Cockpit Mountains, while Consuelo Estate is a golden rum from the coastal plantations of south-eastern Dominican Republic.

Bacardi this week acquired Banks, a "super-premium" rum range that sells just 6,000 cases a year.