Wine volumes fell back in the past four weeks

Wine volumes fell back in the past four weeks

On-trade wine volumes in the US have slipped in the past four weeks on the back of creeping price hikes, new figures show.

The category posted a 0.8% volumes fall over the four-week period, tracking firm Guestmetrics said today (24 June). The fall follows a 2.2% volumes increase in the first quarter of this year and a 1.5% rise in Q2.

Guestmetrics said the deceleration was seen across the on-trade, and is “potentially linked to an increase in price/mix”.

Price/mix increased 1.1% in Q1 and 2.2% in Q2, with the past four weeks seeing a 3.8% rise, Guestmetrics said.

Meanwhile, beer volumes in the US on-trade fell by 4% in Q1 and 2.1% in Q2, with a 2% drop over the past four weeks, according to the figures.

Spirits volumes have fallen about 1% over the year so far.

GuestMetrics figures are based on around US$8bn of annual transactions in US restaurants and bars.

Guestmetrics reported this month that the number of craft brewers operating in the US on-trade rose by 17% last year, while the number of craft brands grew by around 22%.