Premium products are the fastest growing segment in the Chilean beer market, and have already attained 9.6% market share.

Premium beers are increasingly available in supermarkets and bars, while a number of new launches of both foreign and local brands have also kept the market buoyant.

The best-selling brand in Chile remains Heineken, with 38% market share. Then comes Royal with 17%, Austral with 16%, Budweiser with 10%, followed by premium producers Kunstmann with 4.5% and Paulaner with 3%.

At 21.9 litres per capita, Chilean beer consumption is much lower than many other South American countries, leading premium supplies to predict continued sales growth. Kunstmann has already seen its sales surge by 30% to date in 2004 since it tied up a distribution deal with giant brewer CCU. It recently launched a honey beer and is planning two new launches for 2005.