The Portman Group, the drinks industry's watchdog in the UK, has found three new product launches in breach of its Code of Practice and called on retailers to boycott one altogether.

The Group found that Cannabis Vodka, from L'Or Special Drinks, and Logan Original Hemp Vodka, by Drinks Merchants Ltd, breached the code because they made an "allusion to an illicit drug".

Hardcore, by Halewood International, meanwhile, was found to breach the code because it used phrases such as "this label contains very strong liquid", which "made its alcoholic strength the dominant theme of the packaging".

Hardcore was also criticised for using phrases such as "Triple X" and "For adult use only", which, the Portman Group said "were likely to be interpreted as referring to pornography, suggesting sexual prowess."

Jean Coussins, director of the Portman Group said: "Halewood International and Dirnks Merchants ltd have both agreed to amend their products' packaging in consultation with the Portman Group's Pre-Launch Advisory Service."

In a statement Halewood International said: "Halewood International has agreed to change certain elements of the packaging to satisfy the Portman Group's requirements. It has also agreed to review certain elements of the marketing campaign to ensure it falls within the recently revised Portman Group Code of Conduct."

The new Hardcore bottles are expected to hit the shelves in December, with "minor amendments" to the on-pack description.

But Coussins continued: "L'Or Special Drinks, which produces Cannabis Vodka, has not responded to our complaint. Retailers are now being asked not to stock this products with immediate effect and I am confident it will disappear from the market."