Click through to view PomeGreats new juice

Click through to view PomeGreat's new juice

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PomeGreat's 100% Pure Super-Strength Concentrate

Category - Soft drinks, juice, pomegranate

Available - From this month

Location - Online only from PomeGreat website

Price - GBP30 (US$45.50) per 1-litre bottle. Each bottle contains 33 servings

PomeGreat has launched a concentrated version of its pomegranate juice drink.

100% Pure Super-Strength Concentrate is designed to be mixed with water, added to smoothies or mixed with yoghurt, PomeGreat said this week.

“This is the concentrated essence of a barrel load of pomegranates,” PomeGreat CEO Adam Pritchard said. “Essentially, it’s the equivalent of pressing the entire fruit of one pomegranate tree into a single bottle.”

PomeGreat said last year it would take out refined sugar from its entire line of pomegranate juices because of health fears.