Polish customs officers Friday busted a mobile laboratory for making false brand-name cognac with hair coloring, the customs service reported.

Customs officers discovered the equipment and components for making the fake cognac in a bus arriving from Belarus.

Grain alcohol, demineralized water, hair coloring, bottles and labels were hidden in a bus carrying shopping tourists to the large open-air market in the Polish capital, according to customs service spokeswoman Malgorzata Skocinska.

The "cognac," made from grain alcohol diluted with water and colored with caramel and hair coloring, was destined for sale at the market which sprawls outside of a Warsaw sports stadium.

In an operation overnight Thursday and Friday Polish customs officers seized 1,500 litres of bootleg alcohol and 5,000 contraband cigarettes.

Some forty Russian and Belarussian smugglers were detained.

source: (c) 2000 Agence France Presse