New Zealand police are warning wine buffs that a recent recipe for a potent home-brew marijuana wine could land them in jail. Norml, the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, published the recipe in its recent free magazine.The concoction uses 4oz. of marijuana leaf, sultanas, white wine yeast, sugar and lemons. The mix is fermented for three months and Norml claims that the recipe will produce 25 litres of passion-fruit flavoured wine - but with a big additional kick. But police are unamused. The wine is a by-product of the marijuana leaf with means that the wine will fall into the category of a class B drug - similar to ecstasy or speed.And the penalty for manufacturing a class B drug in New Zealand: 14 years in the slammer! Marijuana leaf is normally classified merely as a class C drug. "We know people make cakes, muffins and so on, but we have not heard of wine," says Auckland drug squad detective Graeme Porter. "We have enough problems with wine and students let alone putting cannabis in it." Norml news editor Chris Fowlie said the recipe had been sent by a "keen reader". "For those who try it, caution is advised. You should always go easy when combining alcohol and cannabis and moderation is the key," he said.David Asia-Pacific correspondent