Police have appealed for witnesses after thieves stole a lorry containing 3,000 cases of Scotch whisky from a distribution depot in Scotland.

The stolen lorry and its trailer were found on a roadside 30 miles away on Saturday (16 August) - with the GBP250,000-worth (US$467,000) of whisky nowhere to be seen, Strathclyde Police said.

The theft, which took place at the Europa Worldwide Logistics yard in Coatbridge at around 2300 the night before, is the second time thieves have targeted Scotch whisky in as many weeks.

Brands stolen this weekend include The Glenlivet Malt, William Lawson's Blended Whisky, Dewar's Special Reserve and Aberfeldy.

On Friday, Central Scotland Police issued a separate health warning over 36 cases of Dewar's White Label, which were discovered stolen the previous day from a depot at Grange Dock, Grangemouth.

To the thieves' apparent ignorance, police said the export-only whisky may contain small shards of glass and had already been recalled.

"Whilst being distributed, the production company alerted the hauliers to a flaw in the bottles and they were then kept back in a holding area within a yard," a police spokesperson said. It is thought the actual theft may have taken place between 2 and 4 August.

Both police forces have appealed for information and requested the trade be on the lookout for suspect products.