Famed and internationally recognized trial attorney, Willie Gary of Stuart, Florida, and his team of trial lawyers have been retained by four of the eight originally named plaintiffs in the multimillion dollar lawsuit against The Coca Cola Company (NYSE: KO). Said Gary, "The allegations of discrimination and bias are of astounding proportions and are among the most severe ever seen in corporate America. My clients have suffered grave injustices just for being hardworking, diligent and good citizens who happen to be African-American. It's just not right and Coca-Cola is going to have to answer to the people of this community."One of the original plaintiffs, Gregory Allen Clark who has now hired Willie Gary said, "...we felt the need to have at least one African-American lawyer on the team that's representing approximately 2,000 African-American workers."Willie Gary is most noted for his half billion dollar verdict in Jackson, Mississippi against the Lowen Group, a Canadian funeral home chain. It was one of the largest verdicts in the nation's history on behalf of an individual plaintiff.