A US$2m, two-year campaign to promote Chilean pisco will begin in New York and London next January.

"Events will be aimed at premium consumers aged 35 to 50, people with some money to spend," said Guillermo Molina, director of the Coquimbo region's development board.

Coquimbo produces 99% of Chile's pisco, over 40m bottles annually, but only 1% is currently exported.

"We would like to make exports 10% of production over the next five years," Molina told just-drinks today (17 September).

Ten producers are involved in the new Pisco Spirit campaign, eight from Coquimbo and two from Atacama, the region that produces the other 1% of Chile's pisco.

The campaign's aim is to explain pisco - a white, grape-based brandy - to importers and consumers, then encourage them to explore different ways of drinking it, including the most popular - the pisco sour.