Click through to view Phusion Projects Loko Rita range

Click through to view Phusion Projects' Loko Rita range

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Phusion Projects' Loko Rita

Category - RTD flavoured beverage, 8% abv

Available - From this month

Location - Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; and Las Vegas, Nevada

Price - SRP of US$1.79 to $1.99

Phusion Projects has launched a range of ready-to-drink cocktail-flavoured alcoholic beverages to tap into demand for margarita-flavoured beverages.

Loko Rita is available in two flavours - Margarita and Peach Margarita - and comes in 16oz cans, Phusion said today (20 May). The cans feature “raised texturised artwork”.

“With the introduction of Loko Rita, we are showcasing our ability to develop new flavours and innovative packaging,” said Jim Sloan, executive VP with Phusion Projects. “The tactile can is something we feel will draw consumers to the product and the taste will keep them coming back for more.”

This month, Phusion added lower-calorie options to its frozen tropical drink line Island Squeeze in the US.