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Phillips Distilling Co's Prairie Organic Gin and Cucumber-Flavored Vodka

Category - Spirits, gin, 40% abv; vodka, flavoured, 35% abv

Available - Roll out from 1 July

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - SRP of US$19.99 per 75cl bottle

Phillips Distilling Co has added two new labels to its Prairie Organic portfolio of spirits.

Prairie Organic Gin uses coriander, angelica, lemon, cassia and juniper botanicals while Prairie Organic Cucumber-Flavored Vodka is made from a blend of cucumber essential oils and Prairie Organic Vodka. 

Prairie Organic spirits are the result of a partnership between Phillips and a co-op of about 900 Minnesota farmers.

Phillips Distilling owns UV Vodka and told just-drinks last year it wants to crack Europe with the brand.