Revel Stoke

Revel Stoke

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Phillips Distilling Company's Revel Stoke spiced whisky

Category - Spirits, whisky, spiced, 45% abv

Available - From 1 September

Location - US - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Colorado, and California

Price - SRP of US$16.99 per 75cl bottle, $28.99 for 1.75-litre

Distribution - Available through Phillips Distilling Company partners

Revel Stoke is made from imported Canadian whiskies, and flavoured similarly to Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry in the rum category.

First introduced in Canada and a handful of US markets in 2000, the product largely disappeared from the shelves as Phillips began putting more effort into its other lines. Th relaunch next month will be backed by a rebrand for Revel Stoke.