IEX, a Tekelec company (Nasdaq: TKLC) and a leading provider of innovative contact center solutions, announced today that the Perrier Group has selected TotalView(TM) Workforce Management and TotalNet(TM) Call Routing to consolidate agent scheduling and network call routing functions across its customer contact operations.

The Perrier Group, North America's leading provider of bottled water products, provides marketing, customer service and administrative support through its contact center network to residential and commercial clients.

Handling over 800 different toll free numbers with an annual volume of more than 6 million calls across three sites in Massachusetts, Texas and Connecticut presents its share of operational challenges. TotalView Workforce Management and TotalNet Call Routing provide Perrier Group the ability to manage operations at those multiple locations as if they were a single, large site.

"IEX offered a complete, proven solution for integrated agent and call management across multiple locations," says Robert Arce, Customer Service Technology Applications Process Improvement Manager, The Perrier Group.

"Implementing a virtual call center with IEX provides both efficiency improvements and operational savings. For example, using TotalNet Call Routing instead of other routing methods will save us approximately $15,000 per month in T-1 charges alone, not to mention avoiding any per-call handling charges."

Workforce forecasting, scheduling, monitoring and reporting activities formerly conducted at each site will now be performed centrally from an overall business perspective providing true economy of scale benefits. Intelligent routing of incoming calls, taking time zone and real-time staffing issues into account, results in equalized distribution of calls between centers serving to minimize overtime and off-shift staffing requirements.

Mr. Arce continues, "With the TotalView Real-time Adherence Monitoring feature we've been able to look at actual agent utilization and identify areas for possible improvement, providing a potential to realize even more savings in the future. The IEX solutions we have in place allow us to proactively plan and manage the client experience at an overall business unit level."

The Perrier Group is also realizing an associated disaster management benefit in the implementation of the IEX virtual call center solution. In the past, if a natural disaster or other unforeseen problem forced Perrier to close a center, customers would have been greeted with either no answer or a busy signal. Now, without paying more for a back-up system, Perrier customers will receive service without fail as problems are automatically detected and calls re-routed to available agents around the country.

TotalView Workforce Management optimizes multimedia contact center productivity while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Based on patented technologies, the product integrates skills-aware forecasting, scheduling, daily management, long-term staff planning, team or office analysis, historical and real-time adherence reporting, 'what if' capabilities and web-based delivery of agent schedules into a single client/server system. Workforce managers generate complete, individualized schedules for each agent, quickly and easily without the need for manual manipulation.

TotalNet Call Routing is a unique combination of planning, reporting, and call delivery technology enabling companies to predict, manage, and effectively deliver the level of service demanded in today's competitive environment.

Utilizing an open architecture, non-intrusive design a single TotalNet server leverages current ACD and networking investments to provide intelligent, pre-termination routing of incoming calls. Working directly with the carrier network TotalNet determines the best answering resource, based on business rules and real time operational information, for a given call then directs its delivery to the identified contact center location.

About IEX

IEX, a Tekelec company, located in the heart of the Telecom Corridor in Richardson, Texas is a leading provider of innovative solutions to contact centers. In existence since 1988, the company is known for delivering technologically superior products that are easy to implement and use. Multimedia contact centers, both single and multi-site, with more than 295,000 agents at over 1,250 sites worldwide rely on IEX to improve service levels while lowering operating costs.

The award winning TotalNet(TM) Call Routing and TotalView(TM) Workforce Management products from IEX comprise one of the industry's most robust integrated solutions for multimedia contact center management. IEX sells products and services in the USA through direct sales and internationally through select distributors. More information can be found on the IEX website,