Perrier, the world's leading sparkling natural water brand, is launching a new "casual" alternative to its famous and more formal, French green-glass bottle.

Perrier is planning to launch its new 50cl PET bottle in the UK in July. The bottle is the same green colour and shape of the original glass Perrier bottle, but is apparently designed for today's "get up and go" lifestyle.

A spokesman for Perrier said: "The new Perrier 50cl bottle, with its 'pret a porter' new look is designed for the health conscious young adults who are always on the move and live life to the full."

Commenting on the fact that the new PET bottle took 11 years to develop Perrier said: "The reason that it took 11 years to develop a suitable PET bottle for Perrier was the vital need to prevent any of the water's precious bubbles from escaping. The secret is a specially developed component sandwiched between the multi-layered PET. This allows the taste of the water and its unique bubbles to be kept in tact."

Perrier, which leads the UK natural mineral water market, now plans to develop the Perrier glass bottle range further.

Not details of stockists or its recommended retail price were available.