Pernod Ricard is on the verge of securing a double victory in Poland, which may see it relinquish the export rights to the country's vodkas in return for complete control of Poland's two most distinguished brands, Wyborowa and Zubrowka.

A Pernod spokesman told today that the Polish Supreme Court has ruled in favour of Pernod subsidiary Agros in its fight with Polish government attempts to strip it of the country's vodka export rights.

However, the French group has also launched a proposal that could once and for all "settle the export rights dispute."

Pernod's main ambitions are known to revolve around Wyborowa in particular but also the bison grass vodka Zubrowka. It has been suspected for some weeks that the French company might be willing to give up its export rights to the country's other brands in return for complete control of these drinks.

"We have made a proposal, that has to be ratified by every polmos in Poland," said the Pernod spokesman." "We are not interested in exploiting every vodka." He would not divulge further information on the deal, as some of the 21 polmoses are yet to agree.

Meanwhile, the group's position was strengthened yesterday when it was revealed that the Polish Supreme court had ruled that government legislation that attempted to strip Agros of it export rights was unconstitutional.

The Polish government had been looking to transfer the export rights from the once state-owned Agros to the polmoses that produce the brands in an attempt to bolster the prices of the individual distilleries as they were privatised.

Pernod, who acquired the rights when it bought Agros, had been fighting the law claiming the rights were not the state's to confiscate. Pernod Ricard's chairman Patrick Ricard told last week: "Agros owns [the export rights to] these brands and was privatised owning them. You cannot sell a product twice."

Ricard also revealed last week that Pernod Ricard had been selected as the unique bidder for Polmos Poznan, the distillery that owns and produces Wyborowa. The spokesman said the Pernod's position was strengthened considerably by this decision as the company would come out on top "whatever the issue".