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Click through to view Jacob’s Creek Lamoon

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Pernod Ricard's Jacob’s Creek Lamoon

Category - Wine, Australia, red, 13.2% abv

Available - From yesterday (28 November)

Location - Thailand

Price - SRP of THB1,000 (US$31) per bottle

Distribution - Pernod Ricard Thailand

Pernod Ricard's wine unit has launched a Jacob's Creek blended red in Thailand designed to match the country's cuisine.

Lamoon is a mix of around 20 individual reds created in collaboration with Thai chef Ian Kittichai, Pernod Ricard Winemakers said yesterday (29 November). “Wine is ideal for sharing but, until Lamoon, it was difficult to find a wine that could work with so many different dishes at once,” Kittichai said.

The launch follows Pernod Ricard Winemakers' Jacob's Creek Wah, which was launched in Japan this year and was created to compliment sushi dishes.