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Pernod Ricard's Ballantine’s Brasil

Category - Spirits, whisky, Scotch, lime-infused, 35% abv

Available/Location - Launching in Czech and the Netherlands "later this month", then rolling out globally from February

Price - Varies in each market; in Czech, approx CZK379 (US$18.70) per 70cl bottle

Pernod Ricard is entering the "flavoured" whisk(e)y market with the launch of a "lime-infused" variant of its Ballantine's brand.

Ballantine’s Brasil, with an abv of 35%, will launch in Czech and the Netherlands later this month, then globally from February. The product, labelled as a "spirit drink" in order to adhere to Scotch whisky guidelines, is described on the bottle as "Scotch whisky selectively cask steeped with Brazilian lime peel". 

The launch of "flavoured" Scotch whisky expressions, highlighted by the arrival of Bacardi's Dewar's Highlander Honey earlier this year, has attracted controversy in recent months.

Peter Moore, Ballantine’s global brand director, said spirits drinks made with whisky offer a "huge opportunity" as it is an "exceptionally dynamic new category" already showing strong growth. 

He added: "Ballantine’s Brasil is a venture into new territory for us, but we’re excited to have a product that can take advantage of this opportunity."