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Pernod Ricard's Absolut Texas

Category - Spirits, vodka, flavoured, 40% abv

Available - From today (18 February)

Location - US; "limited" nation-wide distribution; on- and off-trade 

Price - SRP of US$19.99 per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard has lined up the US release of the latest expression in Absolut's limited edition portfolio in the country.

Absolut Texas, with a 40% abv, is the eighth edition in the series that began in 2007 with Absolut New Orleans. 

The variant is described as having "notes of fresh cucumber, and a warm spicy character; inspired by the flavors of Southwestern cuisine".

In Europe, Pernod also today announced details of an Absolut Berlin variant

Late last week, the group reported falling sales and profits in the six months to the end of December

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Today, the world's most iconic vodka brand unveils its eighth and latest addition to the Absolut Limited Editions portfolio with the launch of Absolut Texas - the brand's first and only state-inspired flavor. Internationally renowned San Antonio-based artist Cruz Ortiz designed the Absolut Texas bottle as a modern take on classic Texas iconography.

The taste of Absolut Texas is rich and smooth with notes of fresh cucumber, and a warm spicy character; inspired by the flavors of Southwestern cuisine. It pairs well with a myriad of ingredients, such as cranberry, cilantro and grapefruit soda.

"From the unique Southwestern flavor to the one-of-a-kind bottle design, Absolut Texas is our biggest and boldest Limited Edition flavor to-date," said Afdhel Aziz, Brand Director, Absolut Vodka, Pernod Ricard USA. "Absolut Texas was truly designed as a celebration of all the best that contemporary Texas has to offer."

Cruz's bottle design features a modern spin on iconic Texas imagery, including a "cosmic caballero" cowboy boot against a stylized Texas landscape and his take on the Texas Star. The bottle also features Absolut founder Lars Olsson Smith wearing a cowboy hat, marking only the second time in the brand's history in which Smith's logo has been altered.

Absolut Texas is now available in 750ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Absolut Texas is the eighth flavor in the US brand's Limited Edition portfolio, which launched in 2007 with the introduction of Absolut New Orleans, a flavor reminiscent of the Big Easy. Each year since, Absolut has introduced the following US limited edition flavors - Absolut Los Angeles in 2008, Absolut Boston in 2009, Absolut Brooklyn in 2010, Absolut San Francisco in 2011, Absolut Miami in 2012 and Absolut Chicago in 2013.

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