Pernod Ricard has lined up a responsible drinking campaign in the UK.

The campaign, unveiled today (11 April), carries the title 'Accept Responsibility', and "challenges consumers to accept responsibility for the choices they make about drinking alcohol and to confront their own drinking behaviours", the company said.

A series of adverts in national newspapers and online will start to run today for the next four weeks. After the first phase, which targets binge drinkers, the campaign will broaden to focus on other areas of irresponsible consumption.

All advertising directs consumers to a Pernod Ricard UK-dedicated responsible drinking website, at, which carries information on responsible drinking and links to other related online resources.

"We are committed to promoting responsible drinking and reducing alcohol related harm," said Pernod's UK CEO, Jean-Manuel Spriet. "Here at Pernod Ricard UK, we fully accept responsibility for the role we have to play in this matter. But it is fair to say that our consumers also have a responsibility regarding how they behave when they drink."