Pernod Ricard UK has launched the latest phase of its Accept Responsibility campaign focusing on binge drinking.

The campaign runs online from today (10 July) until September, with the use of banner ads targeting websites including MSN, Facebook and Yahoo!

The company is also using digital music service Spotify to run audio and banner binge drinking ads.

"Spotify is accessed by users when they are in a 'party' mood, therefore the ads reach them with the accept responsibility message before and during alcohol consumption," said Jean-Manuel Spriet, CEO, Pernod Ricard UK. "The total online ad campaign will deliver around 25 million impressions and will have a click through option to the campaign's website"

The 'Accept Responsibility' website will remain the focal point of the campaign with new interactive tools, including 'The Wheel of Excuses', which portrays real life situations where consumers make excuses about the amount of alcohol they consume.

"The purpose of the advertising creative is to confront the public with common place excuses such as "I need a few drinks to loosen up" or "I can't have a good time without drinking", and to encourage them to reflect on their personal drinking choices," the company said.

Spriet added: "It is clear that the industry and government have critical roles in promoting responsible drinking but we believe it is also important for consumers to take responsibility for how they drink."