Pernod is investing its absinthe brand

Pernod is investing its absinthe brand

Pernod Ricard has announced a change of recipe for its Pernod Absinthe brand.

The company, which opened a new distillery to produce the brand earlier this week, said that the change is a return to the drink’s original formula from the 1800s. The newly-formulated brand will appear from this month in all global markets where it is sold.

Pernod said there is three key differences to the brand:

  • the base spirit will shift from a neutral grain to a neutral wine spirit
  • the grande wormwood, the key element to creating absinthe, will be cultivated in Pontarlier, France, the historical home of Pernod Absinthe
  • the spirit will be coloured naturally through maceration of green nettles, instead of added dyes and artificial colours.

A ban on Absinthe in the US was lifted in 2007, having been outlawed since 1912. France dropped its ban on the spirit in 2011, after it had faced a similarly lengthy hiatus in the country.