Click through to view the new Wyborowa bottle

Click through to view the new Wyborowa bottle

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Pernod Ricard is set to roll out a redesigned bottle for its Wyborowa vodka brand.

The move is part of a relaunch of Wyborowa in all its markets. Pernod has owned the brand since 2001, when it acquired its owner, Polmos Poznan, for around US$70m.

Wyborowa is now run by Pernod's Absolut Company subsidiary, which also handles Absolut, Malibu and Kahlua.

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The Absolut Company - Jul 25, 2012 15:25 CEST

Created by Poland’s State Spirit Monopoly in 1926, Wyborowa was formulated to embody the very best of Poland’s highly respected wodka-making capabilities. Impressed by its distinctive, sweet flavour and creamy velvety texture, the country’s authorities christened it “Wyborowa,” the Polish word for “exquisite.” Coveted by the Polish people, it was selected as the country’s first wodka to be sold abroad.

Wyborowa soon drew worldwide attention and has since won more than 30 awards in international spirits competitions. It is now sold in more than 90 countries, where its unique rye-based character and balanced finish consistently win the hearts of true wodka enthusiasts.

“We like to say that there is no way to improve Wyborowa, it is already the ‘exquisite’ wodka,” said Dan Lundberg, Global Marketing Director at The Wyborowa Company. “We have instead worked to distinguish this re-launch with an exciting new bottle design.”

Indeed, to mark the re-introduction of this iconic Polish brand, The Wyborowa Company will unveil an elegant new bottle that captures the adventurous, forward-looking spirit of Wyborowa while honoring its storied past. The bottle is crafted from distinctively modern cut glass and is emblazon with a blue label and bulb-shaped neck that recall the brand’s original packaging and iconic role in Polish history.

“The vertical lines on the bottle were showcased on the first international label in 1932 as a symbol of rye grain,” said Mr Lundberg. “They have been featured on every design thereafter and are now beautifully engraved into the glass.”

The new Wyborowa bottle will be available globally from mid-July.

Round and full-bodied, with rich notes of fresh nuttiness and warm rye bread, Wyborowa is best enjoyed frozen in shots or on the rocks. Wyborowa is also excellent in cocktails, and long drinks.  


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