Jameson Irish whiskey has had a record breaking year, according to 2006/2007 annual results released yesterday (September 20).

Sales of the whiskey brand, owned by Pernod Ricard, rose to 2.3m cases in the year, the most ever sold in a 12-month period, and an increase of 11% on 2005/2006. The rise beat the company's 9% rise in overall sales for its 15 strategic brands.

"You could say we took about 200 years to get to our first million cases - from 1790 to 1996 - and just over a decade to beat the two million cases mark," said Dublin-based Kieran Tobin of Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard.

Strong demand in South Africa, Jameson's fourth most important market, as well as good results in the Irish market also helped to boost sales.

Tobin said Pernod's international network, and Jameson's premium pricing strategy, which ensured that value stayed ahead of volume, were both to be credited.