The Pernod Absinthe distillery started production earlier this year

The Pernod Absinthe distillery started production earlier this year

Pernod Ricard is set to inaugurate a new distillery for its Pernod Absinthe spirits brand in France.

The facility, located in the Maison Pernod site near Perpignan in the south of the country, will be officially opened this week, the company said earlier today (7 October). The decision to set up the distillery was taken by Pernod after France's Senate voted to lift a nation-wide ban on absinthe in 2011.

The production of Pernod Absinthe began in 1805, by Henri Louis Pernod in Pontarlier on the border with Switzerland. Following the introduction of the ban on the labelling of the spirit as absinthe in 1915, production at Pontarlier ceased.

Henri Louis Pernod's original production methods “have been authentically retained through the traditional craft process at the recreated Henri Louis Pernod distillery in Thuir”, the company said. The distillery is part of Pernod’s factory in Thuir where Suze, Byrrh and the firm's wine-based aperitifs, including Dubonnet, are produced.

Financial details behind the facility, which started production in July, were not disclosed.

In late-2011, Pernod confirmed its intention to target growth for its namesake absinthe. At the time, the brand sold around 15,000 cases annually worldwide.

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