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PepsiCo's Qua

Category - Bottled water, micro-filtered

Available - From this summer

Location - US, California

Price - Price not yet finalised; available in one-litre bottles

Distribution - PepsiCo

PepsiCo is to roll out a new bottled water brand that was premièred at last night's Golden Globes awards ceremony in California. 

Qua, which is short for Aqua, will go on sale in the US state this summer, a company spokesperson confirmed to just-drinks today (13 January). PepsiCo describes it as “an enhanced premium water that is micro-filtered with a blend of electrolytes and minerals that allow for a clean, crisp taste that is sodium free”.

Qua is the new name for PepsiCo's bottled water brand Om, which was first revealed in July, according to an AP report late last week. 

Qua, like the Coca-Cola Co's Smartwater, will reportedly be made with filtered tap water. The Golden Globes launch was a “way for (PepsiCo) to introduce (Qua) to the Hollywood types who appeal to its target audience”, the company said.