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PepsiCo's Pepsi Special

Category - Soft drink

Available - From this month

Location - Japan, nation-wide

Price - RRP of JPY150 (US$1.90) per 49cl bottle

Distribution - Suntory Holdings

PepsiCo has lined up the launch of Pepsi Special in Japan, through its bottler, distributor and licensee in the country, Suntory.

The variant features the dietary fibre dextrin, which is supposed to aid slimming by reducing fat intake from foods. Pepsi Special has been approved by Japan’s ministry of health, labour and welfare to carry the Japanese ‘foods for specified health uses’ (FSHU) label, which indicates that its claimed beneficial health effects have been proven scientifically. 

“We expect to sell 1m cases (24 bottles per case) by the end of 2012,” said a Suntory spokesman.

In March, Suntory’s rival Kirin launched a similar FSHU-labelled cola in Japan, called Mets Cola.