PepsiCo wants a collaborative approach

PepsiCo wants a collaborative approach

PepsiCo has joined the Coca-Cola Co in calling for a united front in the fight against obesity.

The beverage and snacks maker said private companies need to join with public bodies to tackle health issues caused by high-calorie diets. “Solutions require a comprehensive, collaborative approach that unites the public and private sectors,” the group's chief scientific officer, Mehmood Khan, said in a blog post yesterday (30 May).

“Working together, we can continue to achieve meaningful results.”

PepsiCo said that half of its beverages now sold in the US are low- or no-calorie soft drinks, hydration beverages or juices.

In January, Coca-Cola launched an anti-obesity advert and admitted it has an “important role” to play in the fight against the health issue. 

Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent also said he wants to use his company's marketing might to drive home anti-obesity education, while this month he pledged to stop advertising to under-12s, offer low- or no-calorie beverage options and support physical activity programmes in all of its markets.

PepsiCo said yesterday it will continue to install global policies that restrict marketing to children, remove full-sugar beverages from schools, and provide clear nutrition labelling.