It is PepsiCos first partnership with Burger King in China

It is PepsiCo's first partnership with Burger King in China

PepsiCo has become the beverage supplier for all Burger King outlets in China, replacing the Coca-Cola Co.

The deal will boost growth in a country expected to be the world's largest food and beverage market by 2015,  PepsiCo said on Wednesday (9 January). Burger King's 100 or so stores across China started serving PepsiCo's portfolio earlier this month, the group said. 

Coca-Cola previously supplied beverages for Burger King in China, according to the Wall Street Journal.

PepsiCo has a long relationship with Burger King in other markets, such as the US, Latin America, Russia, and Turkey, but this is the first time the two companies have partnered in China. Pepsi Beverage Business, PepsiCo's Chinese bottler, is the named supplier in the deal.

PepsiCo and Burger King said they will launch a joint promotion in the run up to the Chinese New Year. Burger King also said it plans to extend the number of its restaurants in China over the next five years.

It is not the first time PepsiCo has pushed its rival out of a restaurant. In May, it signed a deal with two US restaurants to end a shared provision with Coca-Cola.