In a bid to outperform average annual industry sales growth, Pepsi is to pour $220m into advertising and publicity in Mexico.

A report by the NewsEdge Corporation claims Pepsi, which increased its market share by 0.3% points last year in Mexico, is hoping to at least match that during the current year.

The report claims that Pepsi already has around 18% of the Mexican cola market and 25% of the non-cola market and is aiming to see its Mexico sales increase by 6%, against an expected average of 5% sales growth.

NewsEdge claims PepsiCo-Mexico VP of operations, Juan Carlos Leon Rubio, said that the advertising spend last year paid off for Pepsi. "Due to intense promotional activity by Latino artists and at sporting events, in just 18 months we won 40% of the market among youths, overtaking our main rival."