Pepsi-Cola Canada has begun the national roll-out of its Pepsi's latest soft drink innovation Pepsi Blue, the berry and cola "fusion".

Pepsi Blue will be on the shelves this week.

"There's absolutely nothing else like Pepsi Blue on the market," said
Michael Hartman, vice president of marketing for Pepsi-Cola Canada Ltd.
"Teens had a direct role in creating it, and they told us two things  make it berry, and make it blue.  Pepsi Blue delivers on what consumers want, and we're expecting it to fly off store shelves."

Nine months in the making, Pepsi Blue was one of more than 100 cola fusion concepts tested. "It was the resounding choice among thousands of teens, eight out of ten who said they would purchase Pepsi Blue regularly when available," said the company.

Pepsi Blue is the latest in a string of product launches by the Pepsi team. Over the last two years, these have included a variety of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, including Pepsi Twist, Mountain Dew Code Red, 7UP Tropical Splash, Wild Cherry Pepsi and Lipton Brisk Lemonade, as well as 6 new SoBe flavours.

Marketing support for Pepsi Blue will include national advertising, public relations and sampling.