Pepsi has launched a new 50cl silver-coloured bottle for its Pepsi light soft drink as part of a major advertising campaign to roll out this summer in Spain.

The new bottle is "more modern and easier to grab for consumers," the US drinks giant said in a statement. The launch is part of Pepsi's so-called "Carolina" project that has introduced revamped packaging of Pepsi drinks to improve their functionality and desirability.

The silver bottle will be sold alongside its transparent-plastic original. A Pepsi spokeswoman could not immediately say whether the bottle will be sold in other countries and how long it will remain in the market.

The effort is Pepsi light's biggest marketing initiative in Spain this year, she added.

The company has launched four TV spots that resemble the cinematic style and themes of Francis Coppola's gangster movies. The spots feature young mafioso-accompanied molls showing skepticism when trying a Pepsi light. "It's too good to be a light," they say, citing the campaign's catchphrase.