Pepsi-Cola North America has launched its fruit-flavoured CSD, named Pepsi Tava, across the US marketplace.

The company said today (28 February) that the enhanced sparkling beverage, which contains no calories or caffeine, included vitamins E, B6, niacin and chromium.

Tava, which targets consumers aged between 35 and 49, will be available in five flavours: Mediterranean Fiesta, a black cherry citrus; Tahitian Tamure, a tropical berry blend; and Brazilian Samba, which mixes passionfruit, pineapple and lime, the company said.

Pepsi-Cola NA's vice president of flavoured CSDs, Frank Cooper, said: "Tava allows consumers to say 'yes' to a flavourful, vitamin-enhanced beverage while they say 'no' to calories and caffeine. The discerning consumer no longer needs to compromise."