Peabodys Coffee Inc. announced that the company has entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire the US trade name and trademark rights to "Peabodys Coffee" as well as the internet domain name "" Todd Tkachuk, President/CEO of Peabodys said, "We are elated to have finally secured the Peabodys trade name and the URL `' Details of the acquisition were not disclosed. The URL is essential for developing the supply of our distinct custom-roasted coffees for direct sale to our clients, Business to Business or Business to Consumer via our e-commerce website. The website is the cornerstone of our future e-commerce business. The Internet has become such a powerful channel of distribution - it will not only serve our future e-commerce activities but will also be a source of solid company information for both our investors and the public." Director Barry Gibbons, former Burger King Chairman/CEO said, "It has always been our plan to bring the fundamentals of a traditional core business and combine it with what we believe to be the incredible growth potential of the Internet. This combination of traditional and existing revenues along with the high profit potential of direct sales via the Internet makes solid business sense."