Patron wants people to know where their Tequila comes form

Patron wants people to know where their Tequila comes form

The Patrón Spirits Company has launched a website and app that enables consumers to trace a bottle of Tequila back to its origin, in a bid to educate drinkers about the category. 

Know Your NOM gives consumers the ability to trace any bottle of Tequila back to its producer in Mexico. NOM stands for Norma Oficial Mexicana and a NOM number is required on every bottle of Tequila authentically produced and bottled in Mexico. The four-digit code is assigned by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT), on behalf of the Mexican government. Consumers can use this number on to learn about producers. 

Lee Applbaum, Patrón's global chief marketing officer, said: "At Patrón, we only make Patrón. But it's interesting to note that there are more than 1,700 registered brands of Tequila, yet there are only about 140 licensed Tequila distilleries in Mexico. Many distilleries share their agave supply and production equipment to make several different Tequila brands, and this new and engaging educational tool allows people to cross reference Tequila producers and their distilleries by brand, or by NOM number, to search and navigate this information."

The NOM number assigned to the Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico is 1492. Every bottle of Patrón tequila sold around the world includes this number on the front label.

The app is powered by current and publicly available data from the CRT.

Patrón said the Find Your NOM campaign would be supported by print and digital advertising as well as on social media. 

Back in June, Patrón appointed the former head of Mexico's Tequila trade body to advise on public affairs and legal issues.