Patron and Brown-Formans COOs have swapped the DISCUS chairmanship

Patron and Brown-Forman's COOs have swapped the DISCUS chairmanship

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) has confirmed a change of chairman.

The trade body confirmed yesterday (23 February) that John McDonnell, chief operating officer of Patrón Spirits International, has been elected to the position. McDonnell replaces James Bareuther, following his retirement from Brown-Forman as executive VP and chief operating officer.

“I'm honoured to assume this important position, and look forward to working together with my industry colleagues to continue to promote policies that will increase market share and acceptance of spirits,” said McDonnell.

"Our industry is facing a number of issues, from tax threats to market access concerns to equal treatment versus beer and wine, but none of these can be effectively addressed without the full cooperation from all of us who work in this business. One of my primary goals is to help forge closer ties between suppliers, distributors, and retailers.”

McDonnell, who joined Patron in 2005, will hold the post for a two-year term.