Patrick DAulans Angel Champagne

Patrick D'Aulan's Angel Champagne

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Patrick D'Aulan's Angel Champagne

Category - Wine, Champagne, abv 12.4%

Available - Now

Location - UK, on- and off-trade and also from

Price - Angel Champagne NV (75cl) GBP250 (US$402) ex VAT, Angel Champagne NV Magnum (150cl) GBP595 ex VAT, Angel Champagne 2004 (75cl) GBP325 ex VAT, Angel Champagne 2004 Magnum (150cl) GBP695 ex VAT

Distribution - Vanquish Wine

Jimmy Metta, director of Vanquish Wine said: "We feel that we will be able to take this new brand to new heights in a competitive environment due to its position in the marketplace and the type of clients we sell to."