The French National Assembly in Paris has begun debating a number of amendments to health laws aimed at stopping under-age drinking.

Many have wide consequences for the wine industry, from the potential banning of free wine tastings to tougher health warnings on bottles.

The legality of online wine adverts is also a key topic, with some suggesting that the internet will be added to the list of recognised advertising mediums in the controversial Evin Law, the legislation that covers wine marketing. Adverts may only be allowed on sites belonging to wine producers or distributors, however.

Damien Bonnabel at told just-drinks today (12 February) there are currently around 80,000 French wines sold online in France itself.

"But we are prevented from advertising our site on leading internet portals in France, such as Orange. If the law is altered to just allow wine professionals to advertise wine on their own sites, it will not help end this ridiculous situation."

The vote is expected next week at the earliest.