Parents are unsure when to initiate the conversation about alcohol with children

Parents are unsure when to initiate the conversation about alcohol with children

Anheuser-Busch InBev has released results of a global consumer survey that show that parents are not united on when to broach the subject of alcohol with their children.

The brewer, which is running its fourth annual 'Global Be(er) Responsible Day' tomorrow (20 September), released the survey results to coincide with the event. The survey, of 11,000 people across 11 countries, found that around 90% of parents with children aged 5 to 17 in ten of the 11 countries agreed that talking with their children about drinking is important.

However, in nine of those ten countries, there was a marked difference between how many parents agreed that this is important and those who have actually initiated the conversation.

The main reason given by those parents that had not had a conversation with their children about drinking was that they felt their child was too young. Further, parents from Belgium, Brazil, the UK and Russia reported that they trust their children to make the right decision.

"Research has long shown that parents are the most important influence on a young person's attitudes toward drinking,” said A-B InBev CEO, Carlos Brito. “The findings announced today build on this important insight, indicating that parents feel they need support in having these important conversations.”

The survey, which is designed to drive traffic to A-B InBev's 'Family Talk About Drinking' programme, polled 1,000 people each in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, Russia, the US and Ukraine.