Millions of bottles of Crystal Geyser mineral water have been recalled in Japan by Otsuka Beverage Co.

Batches of the water, which is produced in the US, are being recalled following consumer complaints of a "strange odour", Otsuka said on Monday (17 November).

It gave no figures for the recall, but local reports have suggested 8m bottles were being pulled.

The move comes two weeks after Kirin Holdings said it was recalling half a million bottles of Volvic water in Japan, also due to a problem with odour.

Otsuka advised consumers not to drink affected Crystal Geyser products, all packaged in 500ml bottles, but said that the odour was not considered a risk to health.

The firm also advised consumers to store the drink away from direct sunlight and in a cool place. It added that a company investigation has suggested that the odour problem could be a storage issue, related to high summer temperatures in the warehouse.