Oregon wine saw sales and volumes rise by 9%

Oregon wine saw sales and volumes rise by 9%

Oregon's wine industry saw record sales last year, outpacing growth in the overall sector, a study has revealed.

Both wine volume and sales in the state increased by 9%, with sales hitting 2.2m cases, according to the 2011 Oregon Winery Census Report released yesterday (12 December) by the Oregon Wine Board. Total US wine sales were up by 2%.

The 2011 results benefited from a record harvest of 42,033 tonnes, the wine board said. “This report contains nothing but good news for the Oregon wine industry,” said the board's chairman Michael Donovan.

“It shows that not only is the industry growing, but we’re growing in the right way with a laser focus on quality and without sacrificing our artisan wine-making roots.”

The number of Oregon wineries also increased, by 10% to 436, and exports to Asian markets rose by 36%. Overall exports stayed flat. 

In California, the country's largest wine-producing region, sales rose by 5.6%, the study said, citing Nielsen figures.

The results echo an earlier study that showed wine consumption in the US in growing despite economic concerns.