Oregon is located just above California. Reach for the stars

Oregon is located just above California. Reach for the stars

Three organisations related to the wine industry in Oregon have co-appointed an Jeanette Morgan as executive director.

The Oregon Wine Board (OWB), Oregon Winegrowers Association (OWA) and the Trust for Oregon Wine Education and Research (TOWER) confirmed the appointment earlier today (3 November). Morgan will be responsible for strategic planning and administration of the board of directors and its committees and constituencies.

Her leadership will “help establish consensus and encourage collaboration amongst the various sectors of Oregon's grape and wine industry”, the organisations said. In addition, she will serve as a liaison with other partners on promotions, advocacy, research and educational organisations. 

Morgan assumes the role having previously been vice president of global government affairs at the National Semiconductor Corporation in Santa Clara, California.

Sam Tannahill, board chairman and director of viticulture & winemaking for A to Z Wineworks/Rex Hill, said: “We're excited to have Jeanette join as our strategic leader and administrator for all three organisations, which are responsible collectively for marketing, research, education and advocacy for the state's nearly 400 wineries and 800 vineyards.”

The OWB is a semi-independent state agency managing marketing, research and education initiatives that support the Oregon wine and wine grape industry. The OWA is a voluntary membership-based organisation that provides legislative and regulatory advocacy and lobbying for the state's industry. The TOWER receives and disperses private grants and donations for wine research and education.