Click through to view the new Ptit Oasis pack

Click through to view the new P'tit Oasis pack

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Orangina Schweppes Group's new 20cl packaging option for its Oasis juice brand in France and Belgium will boost sales among children and teenagers, its makers have said

P’tit Oasis is on sale in cartons of eight across the two countries, packaging firm Ecolean said today (23 May). Each pouch comes with an air-filled handle and straw attached.

“As the FMCG market becomes more competitive, brand owners need to differentiate their brands from competitors,” Ecolean said. “By launching the new P’tit, Oasis Orangina-Schweppes offers an alternative package for its youngest consumers.”

Oasis is available in a range of packaging options, including Oasis Pocket, a 25cl bottle launched in 2001, according to the Orangina Schweppes website.

In March, Orangina Schweppes Group said it was promoting its chief operating officer to CEO