Click through to view Orangina Schweppes’ Schweppes Zero

Click through to view Orangina Schweppes’ Schweppes Zero

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Orangina Schweppes’ Schweppes Zero

Category - CSD, pineapple, strawberry, lemon, citrus fruit, Indian tonic

Available - From this month

Location - Belgium, France, in off-trade

Price - EUR1.95 (US$2.60) per 1.5-litre bottle. Also available in 33cl cans

Distribution - Orangina Schweppes

Orangina Schweppes is set to replace its Schweppes Light range in France and Belgium with Schweppes Zero. The move is a result of the company’s decision to withdraw aspartame from all of its drinks in favour of sucralose.

"From the point of view of taste, this represents real progress," said Orangina Schweppes CEO for France and Belgium, Hugues Pietrini. "With sucralose, there isn't the metallic after-taste."

Pietrini highlighted the commercial success of the calorie and aspartame-free Miss Orangina, launched a year ago.

The news is the latest blow for aspartame producers, after the European Food Safety Authority launched a public consultation on the safety of the sweetener last week.